Still Dragging Their Feet

Again the government and school boards stalled.

Still Dragging Their Feet

Still dragging their feet

October 6, 2022

Today was day one of our two day block of bargaining dates.

We began the day reminding the government & school boards of the overwhelming support that you as workers have given the bargaining team as well as the clear rejection that you also gave of their proposals.

Again the government and school boards stalled.

We did sign off on the following:

Education Worker Diverse & Inclusive Workforce Committee

Ministry Initiative Committee

Provincial Working Group for Health & Safety

While these committees are important, they aren’t the main issues that you as workers need addressed.

We have, through the conciliation officer, requested, by tomorrow morning, a written response on the key issues that matter to you: wages, service security, benefits & staffing levels.

We will provide an additional update tomorrow.