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‘Workplace violence is very real in our schools’: Teaching assistant challenges provincial leaders to walk a day in her shoes

EDITOR’S NOTEThis open letter to Premier Doug Ford, Education Minister Lisa Thompson was also forwarded to the Orangeville Banner.

I am a teaching assistant and proud of the job I do. I have received whiplash, concussion, torn ligaments in my shoulder, broken front tooth so yes workplace violence is very real in our schools!  My current year I have four students diagnosed, three with ASD 1 with Micro-deletion and oh yes 1 non-verbal undiagnosed.

The government looks at numbers. Those numbers cover the kids with a diagnosis. They don’t cover the kids that aren’t. They don’t cover the kid that was fine one day and the next is ripping the school apart because someone looked at them wrong!  As a teaching assistant you want to bring your students as far as possible to teach them skills so when they are young adults they can be successful in life.

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